How to Prepare Plants for Moving Day

Many homeowners do not want to leave their favorite plants behind, especially the ones they have been nurturing for years. In general, professional movers will not accept the responsibility for plants because the inside of a moving van may get too hot or too cold. The best and safest way is to move your prized plants yourself. King’s Transfer Van Lines can supply you with special boxes and packing materials and can also help you pack your plants.

About three or four weeks before you plan to move, any plants in clay pots should be re-potted into unbreakable plastic containers. The plastic containers should be just large enough to hold the root system, as this will be a temporary measure.

Two weeks before your moving date, prune large, overgrown plants as much as possible so they can be comfortably packed. The smaller the plant, the less likely it is to be top-heavy and fall over in transit, and the easier it will be to load and unload.

Once moving day arrives, pack plants carefully. Potted plants should be securely anchored so that they won’t slip when the box is lifted or jostled in transit. Use packing paper to wrap the base of the pot. Pack plenty of paper around the top of the plant and foliage to cushion limbs and leaves.

As a final precaution, punch air holes in the sides of the box and pack the plant boxes in your car or truck, making sure that they won’t be crushed. Avoid placing plants in the trunk of the car unless there is no other alternative, since heat or cold can cause serious damage.

When you arrive at your new home, unpack your plants quickly. Remove them through the bottom of the box to avoid breaking branches. Water each plant thoroughly and make sure you place them in a sunny and aerated spot.

If you have accumulated too many plants and don’t have space to carry them, or if you are moving overseas, we suggest you give the plants away to your friends, to a nursery, or to any place where you believe they will be well taken care of and appreciated.

King’s Transfer Van Lines specializes in professional customized packing, crating and door-to-door delivery. Whether you are a business or a household, we can help you execute your move efficiently according to your specific needs. Give us a call: 1-800-267-2957.


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