Land Shipments

Truck or Rails Moving

Land or ground shipments are typically done by truck, however in some instances, such as when shipping vehicles within Canada, rail is an option.

Rails Moving
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Ground Transportation is Typically More Affordable

Land transportation is required to take your possessions from its place of origin to the airport or seaport and then to its final destination. Ground transportation is typically more affordable than air but more costly than sea, especially when moving to under-evolved countries where the inland transportation infrastructure is not quite fully developed.  Sometimes ground transportation is used all the way from point A to point B, especially if you are moving within Canada or you are moving cross-border from the United States to Canada or from Canada to the United States.

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Land Shipments Professionals

Whether you are looking for a complete door to door move, including our professional packing and loading services or only require the transportation aspect, we are the ones to call on!  We can move your personal belongings and effects to and from any point within Canada as well anywhere to and from Canada and the United States.  We won’t only transport your belongings but prior to your move, we will also ensure you are properly consulted and advised by our Montreal movers on all the required import and export documentation needed by customs.  We are known for our cross-border expertise and are considered to be the experts in our field.

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