Atlas World Class Container Service

Express Moving to Western Canada

Fast moving across Canada

King’s Transfer, in conjunction with Atlas Van Lines, is now offering one of the fastest moving services available!  We now offer express moving from the Montreal & Toronto regions to Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary or Vancouver via our new Atlas World Class Container service with delivery windows as little as 5 to 12 days.

Fixed moving rates from Montreal & Toronto to Western Canada!

Normally when moving long distance everything is calculated by the total weight / the more you take the more expensive it gets.

With our new container system targeted toward smaller moves – you are not charged by the weight, but a fixed flat rate per container.

Our specialized moving containers can hold close 300 cu ft of space (appx H:7’10” L:7’6″ W:5′).  Well over 30% larger than standard “lift vans” used for international moving!

It’s a simple process: If it fits in the container it will go!

Do you need more space?  Simply add another container & they will be delivered together.  It’s a simple as that.

Delivery up to 55% faster than regular moving services

Along with fixed rates per container we offer delivery up to 55% faster than REGULAR moving services.

Which can equal huge savings when factoring in incidental costs like hotels & food while waiting for your furniture!

Imagine saving 4 to 9 days of hotels!

This is a complete moving service from door to door

  • We pick up from your home
  • We pad the items to be shipped in protective moving blankets
  • Everything is then loaded & secured in the container
  • You seal or lock the container when done
  • Your belongings are GPS tracked by our operations team for peace of mind

The container is then shipped directly to our Atlas affiliate who will then deliver the container to your residence.  You then unlock the container, and a professional moving crew will unload & place your belongings in your new home.

Once all is done the crew will leave with the container.  We take care of everything.

Get a free no obligation estimate on your next move!

To speak with one our moving consultants about the new express moving program that includes full door to door moving service & free no obligation estimate – just click here or for give us a call at 1-800-267-2957

Estimated Delivery Times

Express moving with door-to-door service:

Montreal to Winnipeg in 5 to 8 days
Montreal to Regina in 5 to 8 days
Montreal to Calgary in 6 to 9 days
Montreal to Vancouver in 9 to 12 days

Express moving with door-to-door service:

Toronto to Winnipeg in 5 to 8 days
Toronto to Regina in 5 to 8 days
Toronto to Calgary in 6 to 9 days
Toronto to Vancouver in 9 to 12 days

Oh no - math!!!
Exactly what is 300 cu ft?

Moving box 4 cu ft

So we need something to be able to compare an actual item so let’s use a typical moving box which is 4 cu ft in volume.

Since the moving container can hold 300 cu ft we could place up to 60 full boxes inside it!

With still appx 9 inches high x 90 inches long x 60 inches wide (or 25 cu ft) of space available to place items on top of the boxes!

Container moving service

55% faster delivery
Hotel/food up to 60% savings

Conventional moving service

Longer delivery times
Additional hotel & food cost
Small Moves Options / Saving Money Moving

Moving small items across the country has always ended up being time consuming & expensive.  Quite often with the client paying additional costs out of pocket like hotel rooms & dining out for days/weeks waiting for their furniture to arrive.

The World Class Container service allows moving a single room across the country significantly faster without paying premium shipping rates.  All while retaining the full services of a professional mover.

At the same time you receive your items up to 55% FASTER – cutting your costs for hotels & dining out by up to half!

Recycling for the future
Recycling for the future

Always striving to be more efficient & to reduce our carbon footprint is another reason why we have worked to bring this exciting new moving service to our clientele.

By being able to securely combine multiple shipments on to a single tractor trailer for transport we are able to significantly reduce the amount of diesel being burnt off into the atmosphere by up to 3x to 4x when compared to running smaller moving vans.

Also all carboard & packing materials used are recycled, and whenever possible recycled materials are used.