Sea Shipments

Sea Container Moving

When your goods are heading overseas, all shipments are put into an overseas shipping container.  Whether you need only a small portion of a 20’ container or a large 40’ container or more, sea container is the standard method for sending your goods.

Sea Container Moving
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Sea Container

Less-Than-Container Load

When you only need a small portion of a container, or “Less-Than-Container Load” ( LCL), your goods will usually be prepared in a smaller, individual shipping crates ,( either on protected skids or enclosed crates or industry standard containers are called “lift-vans” ) and then placed into a shipping container. If you send LCL,  you can choose two methods of sending LCL shipments as well, either by “groupage ( sent with other household goods shipments) or via LCL ( sent with other commodities heading the same way).

To determine which method is right for you, our Montreal movers start with volume so see what the smallest crates or container size you require. Your moving consultant can help you with this. Other factors such as speed of delivery may factor into the decision  or security and of course the price.

A 20 ft container holds about 850 – 1,050 cubic feet and is usually big enough to fit a 1 to 2 bedroom household or one vehicle with a few small household goods.

40’ containers hold about 1,850 – 2,200 cubic feet and are typically good for a 3 – 5 bedroom house or 1 vehicle and a 2 bedroom house.

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An Entire Container

If you require an entire container, the container is brought to your home on a special container chassis and your goods, after preparation, are loaded directly onto the container and the container is sealed.  If you have a smaller shipment or your home does not have access for a truck and trailer, the shipment is loaded onto a truck and then transferred at our local warehouse.

No matter which method you choose, King’s Transfer International will arrange all the transportation from house to house for you, prepare the shipments for transportation and deliver the service you require.

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