King of the MoversEvery year, thousands of people move to, from and within the island of Montreal, and moving is an exciting yet stressful event for lots of reasons. 

Everyone loves to consider the prospects offered by a fresh start in a new setting. But, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of getting your family’s possessions to your new home quickly and safely, the whole endeavour can quickly become overwhelming, especially because you can’t put your life on hold while you figure things out.

So how much do movers cost per hour? The costs of a move – in time, effort, stress and dollars – can be tough to calculate, which is why so many people have trouble deciding between using professional moving services and doing it themselves. 

The hourly rates for movers can vary depending on the details of your move, which further complicates the situation. But taking on a large move yourself could actually lead to higher moving costs than if you go with professional Montreal movers.

Moving Company Rates and Practices

Moving companies will usually charge you based on one of two different possible pricing structures. The first is for local moves, and the second for long-distance moves. 

Local Moves

Local moves – defined as moves starting and ending within the same metropolitan area – are calculated by pre-agreed hourly rates. For example, with three movers and one truck, your cost will typically be between $149 to $156 per hour with King’s Transfer. 

Long Distance Moves

Long distance moves are a little different, and calculated based on:

  1. The weight of your belongings
  2. The distance traveled

To calculate the weight of your belongings, the truck is first weighed while it is empty at third party truck scale. At King’s Transfer, we provide you with a signed scale ticket before we load your belongings. Once loaded, the truck is then rescaled. The difference between the two tickets is the weight of your shipment. 

The cost of your long distance move is based partly on this weight, with an additional cost added for distance. The longer the distance, the greater the price. 

And of course, extra fees apply for extra services, such as for providing extra boxes or for packing services, a service for which King’s Transfer will charge by the unit or based on the weight of the shipment. The exact amount will always be agreed upon beforehand between the mover and King’s Transfer during the consultation process in your pre-move estimate.

Tips for Estimating the “Extra” Costs Involved of a Move

Extras fees can be added for “long carry” or for “extra stair” elements of the move. 

This means that fees can be charged when there is no convenient parking for the truck at your new home (and thus the movers will be required to carry your belongings an extra distance), or if you live on the fourth floor of a walk-up building with no elevator, as opposed to a new home on the ground floor.

Professional moving companies also offer the option of getting insurance to cover circumstances that involve damage during the move. Without this insurance, it’s important to remember it is ultimately the person moving that is responsible for any damages that can take place. This includes areas in your apartment, in hallways, while navigating staircases and entrances., etc. Mistakes can happen, and they can be very costly. This is why you should always strongly consider getting insurance. 

The Challenges of DIY Moving

Man holding three moving boxes about to fall over

Many people take on moves themselves in the hope of saving a few dollars, but there are many risks and hidden costs to doing it yourself.

First and foremost, your time is valuable. People often neglect to properly estimate how much of a time sink a move can be – between sorting and packing your possessions, getting them to your new home, and all the unpacking and placing that follows, a large DIY move takes days, not hours.

Second, handling large items like furniture and appliances on your own is next to impossible and so risky – to both your health and that of your appliances – that you shouldn’t even try. To get them moved, you will need some extra hands, but asking friends and family can be an awkward imposition, one that most people want to avoid these days.

Third, professional movers carry insurance in case of damage or breakage. DIY moves do not come with such protections. Coupled with the fact that the people carrying out a DIY move may not have the strength, technique or experience required to avoid damaging items (and their backs), moving valuable or fragile items is riskier than most people realize.

Fourth, most people will need to rent a moving truck, which brings significant cost and hassle in its own right. When you go to a vehicle rental agency, availability is always an issue, and the rental and mileage costs for the kind of truck you will need range from high to exorbitant. 

Also, getting the truck from the rental location and returning it after your move, which is probably the last thing you want to do after a long day of heavy lifting, adds time to what will already be a very long day.

How Much Do Movers Cost Per Hour? Trust the Professionals

professional mover in uniform carrying a box

In the end, the most important thing to remember is that the total charges for a move, and particularly for local moves, is that everything is closely related to the hourly rates charged by a moving company. Therefore, anything you can do to save time will save you money. If you are very unorganized, this will ultimately work against you.

As you can see, renting a moving truck and taking on a move yourself is quite the undertaking, one with significant costs and risks. The cost in time alone is discouraging enough for most considering a DIY move. For all these reasons and more, it’s best to trust your move to a professional moving company.

Professional Montreal movers like King’s Transfer can take the stress out of your move, so you can focus on the excitement of getting settled in your new surroundings.


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