How to Prepare for the Big Move

Moving from one province to another or even to the USA is a life-changing event filled with exciting prospects; but if you aren’t properly prepared, it can be stressful and expensive. Planning is the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly. With this long-distance moving checklist, you’ll get to your destination with everything you need in one piece!

Whenever you’re going from one coast to another or just across the border, you’re in for an exciting new experience. The new people, places, and culture you find yourself surrounded by will give you a fresh perspective on life. At King’s Transfer, we do everything to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Planning things out carefully before the pros arrive is a great way to get your move off on the right foot. Be sure to:

Decide what you need: Is it an absolute necessity? Can you buy it cheaply in your new home? Will it cost more to transport than to buy? We recommend the 10-minute trick. Pick a room and set a 10-minute timer. Go around the room and ask yourself if you really need something. If yes, tag it; if not, get rid of it. Go with your gut!
Eat or donate food: Perishable food should be used up and any non-essential canned goods should be donated. No need to waste.
Prepare to live in your new home: Write out what you will need in your new home and plan the new layout. Where will things go? How will you find a school for the kids? One great tip from our past clients is to join Facebook groups for your local interests before you move and monitor what’s going on. Nothing is better than jumping right into a great exercise class or book club to help you settle into your new home.
Make room for the movers: Our team of pros at King’s Transfer Van Lines takes every precaution to make sure your home isn’t damaged in a move, but helping us out by making some extra space will go a long way. Try to leave unnecessary items out of the home or in storage, and consider rearranging things for easier itemizing and removal.
Change your address: You’ll want to have all of your important mail sent to your new home. Be sure to contact the companies you do business with the most and let the post office know to forward any mismarked mail.
Close your utility accounts: We can’t stress this enough. The last thing you want is a surprise electricity bill courtesy of the new residents of your home. Make sure you’ve opened those same services in your new home, too.

Moving long distance can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With this long-distance moving checklist from King’s Transfer Van Lines, you’ll have everything you need taken care of so you can concentrate on getting to your new home safely.


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