Sometimes the shear stress and magnitude of a move can fill our heads so much that we forget our whole lives are moving, and not just our furniture. Since you’ve probably spent so much time thinking about your new home, what’s going to stay or go, and how your family will adjust in a new location, we thought we’d remind you that there are plenty of other things that must be updated when you switch locations.

Whether it’s bills, tax obligations, or voter registration, we’ve got you covered for your long-distance move!

For Your Home

You’ve likely got a lot of extras attached to your current address. Be sure to either update or cancel all of the following:

Utilities: Electric, water, and gas all need to be turned off and payment ceased!
Subscriptions: This includes everything from your internet connection to your cable TV provider. If you’ve still got a landline phone, have it disconnected.
Deliveries: Do you have a regular delivery to your home each month? The rise in online healthy meal providers has made this more commonplace than you might think. Make sure to tell them to stop sending you that delicious chicken curry every Monday night. Don’t forget Amazon Prime either!

Your Address

Your address needs to be updated obviously, but what if you are making a short-term move or are relocating to a month-to-month rental until you decide the next step?

If you’re moving long-term, then updating your address to your new home is the correct choice. Short-term moves are best served by a local P.O box. They cost about $100 for six months, and give you a semi-permanent address to send mail to while you’re in flux.

For Your Personal Life

Moving to a new province? Then you need to let more than your friends and family know about it. Permanent relocation means you need to let certain governmental bodies know. Be sure to contact:

Ministry of Health: You may need to switch your health care plan.
Ministry of Transportation: You may need to register your car or swap driver’s licenses.
The CRA: Taxes don’t ever go away!
Elections Canada: Be sure to register to vote in your new location.

Aside from these governmental bodies, always be sure to let your family doctor know about a move and find a suitable replacement in your new home. Transferring medical records is easy nowadays, but letting your physician know in advance is a good idea.

Moving across the country is a big deal. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve got everything in order before making the jump. This checklist will make sure everything is straightened out and you are ready to start your new life!

Now that you’ve decided to make the move, you’ve got to find the right long-distance moving company in Canada to get you there!


    on your next move!