Your to-do list before moving overseas is probably a mile long. If you’re bringing your pet with you, it’s important to remember that there are several steps to bringing an animal abroad. Moving your pet to a new country can be stressful—not to mention expensive. But having a comforting, familiar friend with you in your new home can be well worth the hassle. Here are a few tips from our Montreal movers to get you ready to send your pet overseas:

Check the Country Requirements
This is the first step of the process. Each country has different regulations when it comes to importing animals from abroad—some don’t allow certain species at all while others are relatively lenient. Many countries have certain medical requirements before pets can enter, like microchips, blood tests, and rabies vaccinations, or require a quarantine period ranging anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Refer to the country’s consulate to get a better understanding of their animal regulations.

Contact Airlines
If you’re moving overseas, your flight path likely has several stops in different countries, each with its own airline regulations. You must ensure your carrying case complies with airline regulations and is large enough for your pet to stand up in. To avoid these issues, consider direct flights or flights with fewer layovers. It’s important to do your research and prepare accordingly.

Talk to a Vet
Your pet’s age, physical fitness, and general health are important to consider when travelling abroad. Talk to your local veterinarian about how best to prepare your animal for the long journey.

Consider the Environment
If you’re moving to an area with a climate different from your own, like from the mountains of Alaska to the tropical jungles of Costa Rica, the change in temperature may come as a shock to your pet. In addition, there may be certain vaccinations or medications you can prepare your pet with pre-departure.

Ensure Your New Home is Pet-Friendly
Before shipping your pet abroad, be sure that your new home will be just as accommodating as your old one. Contact your landlord to ensure that your new house or unit is pet-friendly.
Make Your Pet as Comfortable as Possible on Moving Day

Regardless of your mode of transportation, moving day will be stressful for both you and your pet. Exercising your pet before travelling will encourage them to sleep while on the road (or in the air,) and having treats on hand will help keep an optimistic attitude.

Now that you’ve dealt with the basics about sending your pet abroad, you can finally start packing. If you’re looking for a moving company for a local, national, or international move, get in touch with us today at King’s Transfer. We look forward to hearing from you!


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