Every relationship has its important milestones.

There’s the first kiss, the first vacation together, the first time meeting your partner’s parents, and many more. And while the list of firsts is lengthy, one of the most significant firsts– particularly if you plan on going the distance—is moving in together.

How can you avoid the pitfalls associated with this potentially stressful milestone? Here is a list of essential tips that will help you prepare for the next big step in your relationship: the big move!

Plan Ahead

Spontaneity is great to have in a relationship, but it’s almost always a good idea to plan things out when taking on more. This is particularly true of tasks like moving, where doing proper research can save you time and money while helping you to avoid frustration.

Before your move, you’ll both need to:

  • Choose your ideal neighbourhood
  • Decide what size of house or apartment you can afford
  • Figure out the proximity to grocery stores, public transportation and other amenities you’re comfortable with

The same logic holds true when you’re choosing your moving company.

Just like with any important decision, couples should communicate in an open and straightforward way, ask the right questions, and ultimately come together on a choice both are comfortable with, and only after weighing all the options.

So, what are those options? For that, you’ll need to…

Ask the Right Questions

Some examples of questions you might ask your moving company are:

  • Do you have a designated team for each move?
  • Do you have experienced drivers that will keep my objects safe during transport?
  • Has your company won any transportation awards? Can we trust you?
  • Do you have a fleet of vehicles that can be tailored to the requirements of my move?
  • Are you insured and registered with the CSST or WSIB to protect me?
  • Do you have fixed hourly rates, or will there be any surprise charges?

Other items you will want to address include the moving company’s infrastructure. Will your movers have the proper equipment to service your move? It’s important to note that if a company doesn’t have a warehouse, or if it doesn’t have shrink-wrap, dollies, or transport blankets included with their service, this is a red flag.

You might also inquire about whether the moving company’s personnel get criminal background checks. Finally, beware of movers that insist on an up-front payment or who provide you with an extremely low estimated price. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

King’s Transfer happens to be able to answer all of those questions to your satisfaction. We’re a moving company that has been winning awards for quality from the very beginning, and our experts have all the skills and equipment needed to put together a stress-free move.

Ask Around

When you decide to take the plunge and choose a mover, it’s best to find one that will treat you like you treat your partner: with love, care, and respect.

And don’t take one person’s word for it! You should always consult online reviews and get feedback from friends and family where possible. That way, you can choose the moving company that best fits your needs, whether you’re moving next door, across town, or to the other side of the planet.

You should also contact the Better Business Bureau to verify that the company you use is registered, find out what rating they have, and whether or not they have resolved any complaints against them. Contact the Canadian Association of Movers, as only trusted moving companies are certified. It’s also a good idea to ask your mover what kind of quality assurance processes they have in place.

Get Your Financial House in Order

Every duo is different, but the most successful couples discuss their finances before they move in together. Money always has the potential to be a sensitive subject, and it’s a vital issue to tackle in advance. You don’t have to have a joint bank account, but a simple conversation will help you set realistic expectations and avoid any uncomfortable financial situations before they occur.

Part of your discussion may include deciding each person’s responsibilities in advance, such as household responsibilities and chores; how you’ll split larger purchases, like furniture and electronics; how you’ll factor in your different income levels into your calculations; etc.

It also means setting common goals and targets, so you can save for a great future. Eliminating past debt in a responsible way is important, and building a little emergency fund to deal with the nasty surprises that life sometimes throws your way is always a good idea.

One of the best ways you can save money for your bright future is by spending wisely. From that perspective, one of the smartest financial decisions you can make right out of the gate is choosing the right moving company. There are plenty of scammers and cut-rate movers out there that won’t respect your property, your time, or your money.

Respect Each Other’s Space and Possessions

Many couples living together for the first time find themselves facing a series of adjustments. Sure, it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling to wake up next to your significant other, but it’s usually a trade-off with some down sides. Some of the adjustments to be made might include:

  • Reduced space on the bathroom countertop for your products
  • Less room in your now shared closet for your clothes
  • A sink full of dirty dishes even though you did them the night before
  • Items mysteriously disappearing from the fridge

There are dozens of small changes that usually need to be put into place, and it’s a good idea to follow through and compromise if you want to experience a happy home life. After all, one of the key elements in a strong relationship is mutual respect.

The same holds true for moving companies.

Whether your move is local or international, our Montreal movers have nearly a century’s worth of experience helping their clients move from A to B. Our quick, well-trained staff are always sure to treat your valuable (and less valuable) belongings with all the love and care it deserves. We’ll be happy to assist you with all the points of your journey from the initial consultation to the final delivery.

Thousands trust King’s Transfer to keep their belongings safe, so give us a call for a free estimate and no-obligation quote to get started on your journey!


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