A Simple Guide to Packing for a Move

There are many ways to go about packing for a move. You can do it all yourself, do part of it yourself or leave the packing of every last item to the professional movers. If you do decide to do the whole move yourself, please be sure you know how to lift heavy objects so as not to injure yourself. The last thing you need is to permanently injure your back just because you wanted to save some money on hiring professional movers!

There are four stages to packing that every person contemplating a move should be aware of:

Stage one

De-clutter your home. Go around each room and remove everything you don’t want. Consider giving it away to friends or donating it to a charity shop.

Stage two

Go around your home with colour-coded sticky Post-its and plan where all the furniture is to go in your new home, choosing a number or colors for each destination. For example a pink post-it would be for the living room, yellow is for the kitchen, blue is for the master bedroom and so on.

Stage three

Either start to pack up all the smaller items yourself, room by room, or leave it to the professionals to do on moving day.

Stage four

Prepare and put together an emergency kit to use at the new location. The kit can include necessary items such as a kettle, instant coffee, tea bags, toilet paper, several knives, spoons, mugs, dish soap, a packet of biscuits and a few towels.

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