Family_PackingWhen you are moving and you are hiring a mover, there are ways to save money and reduce costs. Here is how to do it:

When you are moving locally, most movers will charge by the hour, so the less they do, the less expensive the move. You might not be able to do some of the tips below, after-all, you are hiring movers to do the job, but here are some tips that will reduce the time movers will take to move you.

1. When packing your boxes, make sure the boxes are taped shut on the top and labeled to where you would like the boxes to be placed in your new home. Indicate this on the side of the box

2. If you can move smaller items closer to the entrance without crowding, this will reduce the distance the movers have to walk throughout your home and reduce time. Also, when delivering to your home. Having the movers place the boxes in one area near the main floor allows the movers to reduce time. Although it means a bit more work for you, the final moving bill will be less

3. Pre disassembly of certain items. If you are able to take your beds apart or take mirrors off of dressers or take legs off of tables, etc., the movers will not need to spend the time on this and this reduced time will save money as well.

4. Ask your mover if they have any used, free material for your move. Many movers will offer certain boxes for free, especially if you can pick them up yourself.

5. Try to have 2 people at destination to direct the movers. You will be surprised how quickly goods can move off the truck. This way you will always have someone directing the crew as they come in your home with items and ensures they will be placed properly the first time, eliminating the need to move items twice.


    on your next move!