Safety Precautions for Moving Day

Moving day can often be stressful for the customer. Not only are you packing all of your possessions up, loading them on to a truck, and heading across the country, you also have people constantly coming in and out of the house, and all of the red tape to take care of. Keeping everything safe should be the last thing that you have to worry about. We are dedicated to keeping you, your home, and your things safe. It is our utmost priority. Here are some safety precautions for moving day to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Try to keep the kids away

Your children were made in your likeness, are the light of your life, and are the most precious thing on the planet, but there is no denying that young children often get in the way of movers. Having to avoid children running around the house while delicately balancing a heavy couch is not fun and could lead to disaster. If you can let them stay with a neighbour or relative, then that’d be great. If not, then try to keep them occupied in a room that isn’t being worked on. By making sure that your children are safely out of the way of workers, we can operate with ease of mind.

Put a carpet down

Having wheels coming in and out of the house could lead to some problems for your floor. That’s why we never bring them into your home without having a carpet down. If you have some spare linen or materials lying around, then they’d be great for your floors. No need to worry, if you don’t have anything to put down then we will be happy to throw down our moving pads for you. It will make things easier for the both of us and you won’t have to worry about scratches.

Unhinge the doors

Seems like a lot of work, but you’d be surprised at how helpful this is. Not only will it help us move things in and out, but it will also make sure that nothing happens to your door. Even though our pros are the most cautious in the business, accidents still do happen. We won’t have to worry about opening and closing the doors, fitting oversized stuff through, or cutting tight corners if the door is off. We will do this for you if you don’t mind us taking them off.

Moving day means a lot of big changes in your life. Don’t let it all get to you. Try to have some fun and rest easy. We are the most trusted name in the business, and we assure you that you are in great hands with us. These are some safety precautions on moving day that we can both take to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


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