Move in kit boxFrom all of the years we have been in this business, one of the most overlooked items to consider is your “Move-In-Kit”, otherwise known as your “Open First” box.

This box should be transported with you, or be clearly identified for being loaded last / unloaded first on the moving truck.

We have been to many homes while the furniture is being unloaded to see how things are going and so many times I here statements like “I wish I had kept my toolbox out” or “Don’t put anything on the counter, I want to clean it first”.

So here are is our suggestions for a “Move-In-Box, a box that contains items you will likely need within the first 24 hours of arrival. Some seem silly, while others have a serious tone about them. Here we go;

1. Basic tool set. A multi-head screw driver, a hammer, and duct tape
2. A few light bulbs
3. Toilet paper
4. Basic cleaning kit or spray cleaner, cloths
5. Soap
6. Towel
7. Lamp / light fixture and a timer
8. Flashlight
9. Energy bar or snack
10. Bottled water

A few of the items need no explanation, while others need a bit of imagination. Regardless, remember that the reason for this small kit is help keep you close by while arriving at your new house when the items are being delivered. If you run into the evening hours when the ambient light is low, you will have a light, food & water for energy, and with soap & towels for cleaning.

For security purposes, often on moving day, you have no curtains and blinds put up and people have been passing by your home all day. I always recommend ordering in food for the first evening until you get your curtains or blinds up. If you have a security system, make sure it is up and running when you do go out.

The Mover’s Kit is often overlooked when planning your move, but with more preparation you will make the move that little bit easier in the end

Happy Moving!


    on your next move!