Clothes make up a generous portion of most peoples’ belongings. If there’s anything you should know when moving house, it’s this: packing clothes for moving day is not like packing clothes for a weekend trip or vacation. The process takes time, and should be started no less than four weeks prior to the moving day. From the experts at King’s Transfer, here are some useful tips and trick to help you pack clothes for your move:

Sort Through Your Wardrobe. Moving to a new home is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter. As you go through your clothing, try to be ruthless about what you need. If you haven’t worn a shirt in six months, put it in the “give away pile.” As you reduce the amount of clothing you’ll be bringing with you, you can significantly cut packing and moving costs. Consider donating your used clothing to local charities, or passing them along to friends, family, or neighbours.

Consider all Packing Options. When it comes to packing clothing, there are several ways you can pack up your items on moving day, some more efficient than others:

•Cardboard Boxes. Cardboard boxes are a standard packing material, and, lined with soft towels, are the perfect vessel for packing your everyday clothes.
•Suitcases. You’ll be bringing your suitcases anyways, so why not fill them with clothes? This is a great space-saving option, and ensures your clothing stays protecting during the move.
•Furniture. Depending on your move, you may or may not be taking apart your furniture before packing it. To save space, consider filling drawers, wardrobes, and other hollow furniture with your clothes.
•Garbage Bags. In a pinch, garbage bags will do. They can, however, easily rip and tear, so be sure to purchase high-grade plastic bags and double-bag your clothing.

Always Have More Packing Boxes than You Need. Clothes take up more space than you think. If you live in a northern province or territory, much of your winter wardrobe is likely comprised of heavy jackets, sweaters, and boots. These items do not compress easily, and can be heavy. Always have extra packing boxes in case you run out, and ensure they are reinforced with tape so as not to burst during travel.

Group Similar Clothes. Stuffing underwear, winter boots, and hangers in one box is a recipe for disaster. To maximize space, consider packing items according to material, size, weight, and shape.

Packing clothes in preparation for a move is an easy DIY project. If you’re looking for professional help for your residential move or commercial move, get in touch with our Montreal movers today at King’s Transfer. We can transport your belongings from one floor to another, across town, across the continent, or anywhere in the world.


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