Moving to USA - moving to CanadaThe USA is Canada’s largest trading partner, and the country that more people move to from Canada than any other country.  Nearly 90% of all Canadians live within 100 miles of the longest shared border in the world between Canada & the US. Transferees from thousands of companies between the two countries takes place every day. Let King’s Transfer Moving & Storage get you there.

Anytime people are moving, there is a significant disruption in life.  Factor in moving to another country and even more questions get asked:

How do I declare my goods at customs?
What do they need to know?
What forms do I need to complete?

King’s Transfer has been moving people and their possessions into the USA for decades.  We have are the experts at getting your belongings over the border tax & duty free and delivered to your home with ease and convenience.

Preparing for a move from Toronto, or anywhere in Canada, to the United States is like any long-distance move, but there are numerous immigration regulations/restrictions that a King’s Transfer representative can easily help you navigate. An example of such restricted items would be the transporting of guns and alcohol.  Automobile importing and exporting, food products, new furniture all require special consideration and documentation that we can easy assist with.

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