Short & Long-Term Storage Mississauga Residents Will Appreciate

Secure Climate-Controlled Storage for Your Belongings

King’s Transfer offers clients short and long-term climate-controlled self-storage in clean, bonded, and government-approved facilities at our Montreal and Mississauga locations. Our Mississauga movers do everything to give you peace of mind.

As an Atlas Van Lines agency, we also have access to climate-controlled storage facilities across North America, so you can store items, whether you’re moving to or from Mississauga, Montreal, Toronto, or any other major U.S. or Canadian city.

We can store a wide variety of goods in our secure storage units, from household items to office equipment to electronics. The King’s Transfer movers and customer service in Mississauga are here to answer your questions and handle your move with the utmost care.

Long Term Storage
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Warehouse - Customs Bonded Area

Storage Features

Our facility provides peace of mind to our valued clients because it has high-grade security features, including:

  • Burglar and Fire Alarms
  • Temperature Control
  • 24-Hour Electronic Surveillance
  • Canada Customs-Bonded Facility

When you choose to use storage units at our Mississauga location, all items are padded within the storage vault as loaded by our staff to ensure the safety of your belongings, whether they’re fine antiquities or large furniture pieces.

Moving across the country or across the world? We offer several moving service packages, so you can decide how you want to approach your Mississauga move. If you’re not comfortable with our movers handling your items, that’s okay! We’re here to help with whatever you need.

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Moving isn’t always as straightforward as you would hope. Deliveries come early, renovating your new home or office takes longer than expected, or there’s a holdup with the previous homeowner leaving. Situations like these cause stress, and you worry about where to put your belongings in the meantime.

No need to fret! We have you covered! Our short and long-term storage in Mississauga is there for you when:

  • Friends and family give you furniture and other home décor pieces, but you won’t have space for them until after the move.
  • Your new home will be available only after you’ve moved to the city, meaning you’ll be at a motel for a few days.
  • You have renovations scheduled for after your move and won’t be able to leave all of your furniture in your new home.
  • You want to downsize your home, but also want to hold on to certain items that have sentimental value.
  • You want to safeguard heirlooms for your family’s future generations.

Climate controlled storage unit allows Mississauga residents to have access to their belongings whenever they’re ready to retrieve them. Mississauga customers often prefer to have the ability to choose when and how they use their self-storage units.


Every move is unique, so we’re proud to offer storage units Mississauga residents can utilize for hundreds of different reasons and scenarios! We make it easy and convenient to rent the perfect storage unit right where you live.

With 24-hour surveillance, top-notch security features, climate-controlled self-storage units, vehicle storage, and easy drive-up access, you get the golden standard.  We offer some of the best storage options for households and businesses in Mississauga. Another perk of using our Canada Customs-bonded storage facilities is that they’re situated near key transportation hubs and highways.

When you want to collect or deposit any items in your storage unit, Mississauga residents are free to visit our self-storage facility during normal opening hours.

Can’t find storage near Mississauga? Speak to our customer service to view our storage facilities and find out more about access hours and unit size availability.


King’s Transfer is a flexible moving company, however, certain items are forbidden to be stored in our Mississauga storage units, such as:

  • Opened & Unopened Food: No matter what temperature your food items require, they will go bad after a time and attract bugs. We also do not allow the storage of any kind of animal food.
  • Living Beings and Plants: Some of our past clients have attempted to use our self-storage units in Mississauga to live in or to store their pets and plants. While it’s not a humane practice, storing living entities will also cause an infestation since they give off a scent and moisture. Think of it as a walk-in closet; you wouldn’t live in it or leave your pet and plants in there either.
  • Hazardous Materials: Our self-storage facility is not a garage, so storing household cleaning products and explosive chemicals, including propane, gasoline, alcohol, ammunition, and fireworks is not permitted.
  • Scented items: While scented items refers to food, we also do not permit the storage of scented candles, water, taxidermy, or anything made of cork. This is because these items also attract pests.
  • Wet items: Items that have the potential of producing mould or mildew are also not permitted. This includes wet mop heads, damp sleeping bags, and sporting equipment that is damp and has not been cleaned.
  • Illegal items: We operate under a strict policy regarding illegal substances and objects. We will open your self-storage unit should the Mississauga police request a search. We do not permit narcotics, illicit pornography, or unregistered weapons.

If you have any questions or absolutely need to store something listed above, speak with our Mississauga movers online or by phone to find a solution.


For almost 100 years, we’ve been in the business of helping Montreal and Mississauga residents with starting their new lives. Come summer, winter, and any time of year, we’re the name trusted throughout Mississauga, Ontario for moving services and climate-controlled storage facilities.

Our expert movers can help you pack, provide moving supplies, fill out important documentation, and more! We simplify local moving, commercial moving, and international moving. King’s Transfer aims to make your move go as smoothly as possible while meeting our clients’ expectations.

Your quest to find storage near Mississauga is over!

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