Long Distance Moving – Your Rights & Responsibilities


Thank you for choosing King’s Transfer Van Lines for your upcoming long distance move!

This brochure will provide important information concerning your rights and responsibilities when relocating your household possessions under King’s Transfer Van Lines Executive Moving Services.

Please read this information carefully as it will explain all aspects of the services you can expect to receive from your mover. This brochure will also explain your responsibilities as they relate to disclosure of information and disposal of items that cannot be transported by law.


A local moving consultant will arrange a time with you to complete a visual survey of your home and household possessions to be moved. The local representative is there to assist us in determining your volume and any special needs required for your move.  If an in home estimation was already performed during the bidding/pricing phase, then this additional survey may not be completed if no changes have taken place since the initial survey.

During this survey the local moving consultant will discuss with you certain key subjects that have a direct effect upon the successful outcome of the move to your new home.

These are:

Full disclosure Of Where Furniture & Effects Are To Be Picked Up

Make sure to identify to your moving consultant all furniture and effects to be relocated, including but not limited to crawl space, attic, garage, storage lockers, sheds, mini-storage, cottage and office.

Identify Timing for Your Move

Identify exact times that you want to have packing service provided, when you want to be moved from your old home, when you want delivery to your new home and when you want unpacking service to be completed. Your moving consultant will assist you with these requirements, based upon normal transit periods.


Identify special care items such as valuable items, chandeliers, marble table tops, grand or baby grand pianos, black lacquer or other delicate items to your moving consultant so that he or she may arrange for specially designed containers or crating.


It is your responsibility to make preparation arrangements before transit of items of a mechanical nature. These items include but are not limited to clocks, stereos, televisions, appliances, computers and any items which has mechanically moving parts. If these items are not properly prepared, damage can occur through no fault of your mover. Your local representative can make the servicing arrangements on your behalf, at your request.



Identify items that are not to be moved, to your representative. These would be items that you are going to give to neighbors or family members or that you are going to sell at a garage sale.


Household goods carriers are prohibited by law from transporting the following household items:

Explosives Ammunition, flares, fireworks, blasting caps, etc.
Flammables Matches, lighter fluid, barbecue starter, charcoal, gas, paint,  paint thinners, glues, resins, kerosene, naphtha, alcohol lamp oil or oily rags.
Gases Any gas under pressure, propane tanks, oxygen,  helium, aerosol cans and butane lighters.
Bleach, disinfectants, pool chemicals, hair bleach, chlorine in any form, corrosive cleaners, acids, batteries, preservatives and photographic chemicals.
Firearms We are not permitted to pack or transport revolvers or restricted weapons of any kind unless you have written permission from the R.C.M.P. All permissible firearms must be unloaded, with the firing pin dismantled by you prior to being handled by moving personnel.

The foregoing information is provided as a basic list of normal items that may be found in your home.

Your moving coordinator will assist you with the determination of items that cannot be transported and must be disposed of by you prior to moving.


The following household items are excluded from household goods carrier’s liability protection:

  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Currency
  • Coin & stamp collections
  • Documents (of any type)
  • Precious stones or metals
  • Perishable articles
    • Frozen foods
    • Liquids
    • Plants

Liability with respect to items such as photographs, computer diskettes and similar objects is limited to the actual value of the film, albums, diskette etc

We strongly recommend that these items be transported by you.

Additional information concerning the transportation of frozen foods, plants and pets is available by contacting your King’s move coordinator.

During the Pre-Move Survey, your King’s move coordinator is available to add further assistance or clarification.


We provide a professional packing service on your move to ensure the safe transportation of your valued possessions.

Depending upon the size of your home, the packing of items identified during the Pre-Move Survey may require a pre-pack, usually performed the day before you are to move. The timing of when packing takes place is discussed during the Pre-Move Survey or with your King’s move coordinator.

When the packing team arrives, they will perform a survey prior to the start of the service. They complete this survey to verify the Pre-Move Survey information and your packing requirements.

During this phase of our service do not forget to highlight to a member of the packing team any items which you want to live with the night before your move. They will leave extra boxes so that the driver can finish packing last minute items during moving procedures.

The packing team is responsible for disassembly and packing of all items identified during the survey. The small disassembled pieces will be placed in a “Set-Up” carton so that they can be easily identified during unpacking procedures in your new home. Your remote control devices will also be placed into this carton unless you choose to take them with you. Please indicate your choice to the packing crew.


You may decide to pack some of your possessions yourself.  We suggest that you limit your packing to non-breakable items such as linens, books, etc.  Please remember that if you do your own packing, your household goods carriers may not assume responsibility for the condition of the contents since we have no control over how they have been packed.

If you are crossing an international border, we highly recommend you provide a general description on the carton of its contents for customs purposes.


Please remember to set aside items that you are going to require after the packing service has been completed.  Items such as medicine or medical prescriptions, important documents, travel itinerary, passports and keys to home, office or vehicles.  Also, don’t forget to set aside protective clothing for inclement or cold weather.

Upon completion of packing responsibilities, the packing team will complete a final survey to ensure that the service was completed to your satisfaction. The team supervisor will also ask you to sign the Origin Service Report (Packing Slip), which indicates the number of containers packed. A copy of this form is then given to you as confirmation of packing service completion.


At the time & the day agreed upon during the Pre-Move Survey, your moving van and crew will arrive to move you to your new home.

The van operator of this unit is the moving crew supervisor.  He will introduce himself and crew prior to preparing your home for the relocation and completing a visual survey.  This survey is again to verify moving requirements and allow the crew to prepare for proper load planning, organization and completion.

Once the survey is complete the van operator will ask you to sign the Uniform Household Goods Bill of Lading, releasing your household goods and personal effects into the possession of the van operator.


The bill of lading is the official contract between you and the van operator to transport your furniture and effects to your new home. King’s Transfer/Atlas Van Lines is required by law to prepare a bill of lading for every shipment it transports.

It is your responsibility to read the bill of lading before you sign it.  Please review moving dates to ensure that the bill of lading states what you agreed upon prior to the move.

The van operator will ask you to sign two areas.  The first area represents confirmation of carrier liability for the move. Carrier liability is defined under your personal choice made at the estimate process.

You may also be required to initial specific areas of carrier liability if “Option B” is selected for the move. The second area is for the actual release of the goods into the mover’s care. The second area also acts as your declaration that no dangerous goods are present in the shipment.

Upon signing, the van operator will give you your copy of the bill of lading, to act as a receipt for your possessions.

As part of the official moving contract between you and King’s Transfer/Atlas Van Lines, the van operator must complete a detailed inventory and condition of furniture and other items being moved to your new home.


Prior to loading, the van operator generates a detailed inventory of your possessions listing any pre-existing damage or unusual wear. The purpose of this is to make a record of the condition of each item to be moved.

After completing the inventory, the van operator will sign each page and ask you to sign each page. It is important before signing that you make sure that the inventory lists every article to be moved and that the entries regarding the conditions of each article are correct.

You have the right to note any disagreement on the inventory and can contact your King’s move coordinator for assistance in this matter. When your shipment is delivered, if an item is missing or damaged then the inventories are your ability to recover from the mover for loss or damage that are not recorded at pickup..

After signing, the van operator will give you a copy of each inventory page. This should be attached to your copy of the bill of lading. Together the documents act as your receipt for the furniture and effects being moved.

At the time your shipment is delivered, it is your responsibility to check the articles delivered against the items listed on your inventory.

The van operator will place a small numbered tag on each article as the inventory is prepared. The number will correspond to the numbered article on the inventory form and facilitate the checking off of articles as they are carried into your new home. The van operator will provide you with a “Bingo” check off sheet to help ease check off procedures.

Check each article for damage that did not exist when the shipment was originally listed at your old home. If new damage is discovered, make a record of it in the “Delivery Exceptions” section of the inventory form or the bingo sheet. Be sure to call the damage to the attention of the van operator and request that a record of the damage be made on the copy of the inventory or bingo sheet, which is in the possession of the driver until final delivery is performed.

After your possessions are unloaded into your new home, the van operator will request that you sign the copy of the inventory to show that you received the articles listed.

Do not sign the inventory until you have assured yourself that it is accurate and that proper notations have been entered on the form concerning any missing or damaged articles. When you sign the inventory at the time of unloading, you are giving the van operator a receipt for your furniture and effects.

Contact your King’s move coordinator if you require assistance in this matter.


During the inventory process, the moving crew will be preparing your furniture and effects prior to being loaded on the van. The crew will complete disassembly of furniture and effects that were not previously disassembled and packed by the packing crew, articles such as beds, wall units, etc. Small disassembled items and screws will be placed in the “Set-Up” carton to ease reassembly in your new home.

Your possessions will be protected in the home prior to movement to the van with furniture pads and stretch wrap for upholstered articles, unless the van operator advises you that the article cannot be safely transported from the home to the van in that fashion. At all times the loading crew will ensure that the best protective method is used to prevent damage to your home and the articles being moved.

Upon completion of the crew’s loading responsibilities, they will complete a final survey of the home to ensure that everything that was scheduled to be moved is loaded on the van. The driver will also request one last verification of your new home address and a telephone number where you can be contacted when he arrives at destination.


Within twenty-four hours prior to the delivery of the furniture and effects to your new home, the van operator will call to verify that your plan for accepting delivery at the agreed upon time and day has not changed. At the time and on the day agreed upon during the Pre-Move Survey or during the pre-delivery telephone call, your moving van and crew will arrive to deliver your possessions to your new home.

The van operator, again being the moving crew supervisor, will introduce the delivery crew prior to preparing your home delivery and completing a visual survey. This visual survey is to provide the crew with an indication of where your possessions are to be placed in your new home.

The moving crew shall follow, in so far as possible, your instructions in placing your possessions in your new home. If you are unsure about placement of some articles, please allow the crew to bring all articles into the home prior to making a final decision.

Upon completion of their delivery responsibilities, the crew will assist you with final placement of furniture prior to leaving the residence.

As part of delivery responsibilities, the moving crew will reassemble all articles disassembled by the moving crew at your old home, such as beds and wall units. Cribs are excluded from this service & must be reassembled by the client.  Packed articles will be reassembled by the unpacking crew, which will arrive at your new home at the time and date agreed upon during the Pre-Move Survey.

As part of the delivery responsibilities, the moving crew will unpack wardrobe and mattress cartons. At your request, as specified during your original communication with your King’s move coordinator, the moving crew will also unpack certain cartons to at least provide livable conditions in the event that you have scheduled “Next Day Unpacking Service”.

Prior to leaving your new home, the moving crew will complete a final survey in your company to ensure that all services have been completed to your satisfaction. As indicated earlier, the driver will also have you sign the bill of lading and inventory copies, which is our final receipt of delivery to you.



Although unpacking service is unique to each relocating family’s need, the basic service can be identified as the removal of all packed articles from the cartons, placement of those articles in a convenient location for you to place back into cupboards, reassembly of packed articles disassembled by the packing crew and removal of all cartons and materials from your home. This is the unpacking service that you can expect to receive, unless you have selected another option during your initial conversation with your King’s move coordinator, or as approved under your company’s relocation policy.


If you wish, you can unpack the cartons and take responsibility for disposal of materials and reassembly of packed articles. However, we do not recommend this option. If you unpack the cartons the mover is no longer responsible for damage which may have occurred to packed articles unless there is visible damage to the exterior of the carton noted on the inventory form prior to releasing the effects into your possession.


If you wish, you can unpack the cartons and take responsibility for reassembly of packed articles, but have the mover return at a later date to remove cartons and materials. Again, we do not recommend this option due to the liability issue detailed under Option A.


If you wish, you can select our Settle-In Service. This service includes basic unpacking services and provides assistance with washing and placing of dishes back into cupboards, making beds and generally setting up the home. This option is provided based upon an hourly charge that is normally performed the following day by a specifically trained team from a local Atlas Van Lines agency, or sometimes by the moving crew performing the delivery if services are unavailable.

This unpacking crew will arrive at your new home at the time and on the day agreed to during the Pre-Move Survey.  You may request the crew to arrive on the same day as your possessions arrive at your new home, but if there are many packed cartons, you may want to have them arrive the following day to complete services to prevent slowdowns due to space constraints.

Please keep in mind that unpacking procedures may require the same length of time to complete as packing procedures to ensure that it is completed to your total satisfaction.

At the time and on the day agreed upon during the Pre-Move Survey, your unpacking crew will arrive to unpack your possessions to the extent of your selected option.

The crew leader will introduce the crew prior to preparing your new home and completing a visual survey. This survey is to confirm what unpacking needs to be completed and to obtain your preference of where you would like the team to start.

Upon completion of their responsibilities, the unpacking crew will complete a final visual survey in your company to ensure that unpacking was completed to the extent requested. The lead crew member will ask you to sign the Destination Certificate (Unpacking Slip) providing written confirmation that the service was completed to your satisfaction.

At any time during the completion of this service your King’s move coordinator is available to you to provide assistance or clarification of mover unpacking responsibilities.


Your King’s move coordinator will contact you within three days of the delivery of your possessions to your new home, to obtain your opinion concerning our services. During this review your coordinator will ask if there was any damage to or loss of furniture and effects caused by your mover.

If damage or loss does occur and notification is given to your King’s move coordinator, the coordinator will initiate settlement procedures.  This procedure will be clarified for you during your initial telephone conversation with your King’s move coordinator, but it is important to note that any claims must be submitted via completion of written form within 30 days of delivery.



Under Worker’s Compensation law all workers must be in protective footwear while completing tasks. Your packing, moving and unpacking crews will be in protective footwear in your home, but will ensure that your floors and carpeting are protected from damage.

We hope that this information packet has helped you prepare for your upcoming relocation, and once again thank you for choosing King’s Transfer Van Lines!