Moving isn’t anybody’s idea of a fun time. It’s stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. For your children, a move can be even more traumatic, as they will be forced to say to goodbye to their neighbourhood friends, school mates, and home. Whether you’re moving down the block or to another city, here are some ways to make your move less traumatic for your kids:

Be Honest With Them

You don’t have to keep your children informed of every little thing that’s going on, but keeping secrets from them will only make them feel worse once they find out that you’ve been planning to move for a while. If it’s a work relocation, explain what that means. If it’s to be closer to family, let them know what’s going on. Openness and honesty throughout these difficult times will allow your kids to start getting used to the idea.

Don’t Throw Anything Away Without Asking Them

Our children form emotional attachments to the strangest things, so it’s important not to throw anything away without asking them first. If they aren’t old enough to pack their own boxes, make sure they know that you’ll do it for them. It might seem like a good idea to sneak into their room when they’re not looking to pack their stuff, but if they catch you, they may not feel like they can trust you.

Help Them Stay in Touch With Friends

The biggest problem kids have with moving away is that they won’t be able to see their friends anymore. You can help make the transition easier for them by setting up their own email and Skype account or buying them special stationary that they can use to mail to their friends. Depending on their age, they may be more drawn the idea of sending their best friends stickers, pictures, and other knick-knacks through the mail.

Ask a Family Member for Help on Moving Day

Watching your belongings piled into boxes and carried onto a truck can be a slow, agonizing ordeal. We don’t want our children to panic about the sudden change in their lives, and letting them witness the dismantling of everything they know and love won’t be a positive experience. A safe way to protect them from this is to completely remove them from the situation and bring them to a family member’s house. You’ll be able to get more work done, and your children will find the distraction they need.

Let Them Decorate Their New Room as They Like

Once you’re settled into your new home, give your kids a reason to accept their new situation by allowing them to decorate and organize their bedroom as they see fit. Give them free rein over paint colour, curtains, and decorations. They will feel a sense of agency and control and it just might allow them to like their new living situation.

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