How to Budget for Moving Day

Moving to a new home is a big project, and the farther you have to move the more expensive it will be.

Before you can move it’s important that you first take care of a few things, including: buying supplies, packing your things, hiring a moving company, making the trip to your new home… not to mention go through the ordeal that can be buying and selling a house.

So once you’ve decided that it’s time to move yourself and your loved ones to a new home you need to make sure you have the cash needed to make your move a seamless one. To be able to budget accordingly, there are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration:

  • Materials needed to pack up your house. This includes boxes, tape, bubble wrap, furniture covers, wardrobe boxes, packing popcorn, etc.
  • The cost of renting a moving truck and movers.
  • The cost of gas for your car, your truck, and any additional cars or trucks that may be needed.
  • Service fees you may be charged for ending, or transferring, your utilities to a new residence.
  • Service charges you may incur having your mail forwarded to a new address.
  • Food costs. Even though your fridge is packed and ready to go, doesn’t mean you no longer need to eat. You may have to invest in take out for a few days or, at the very least, paper plates.
  • You’ll also want to save an extra twenty percent of whatever money you’ve put aside for unplanned expenses. As much as people try to avoid them, they still happen.

If you’ve budgeted for your move, and are now shopping around for the perfect movers to fit your budget, contact King’s Transfer Van Lines for affordable rates and outstanding service.


    on your next move!