Donate unused food before your moveFor obvious reasons food is one item that cannot be transported in a long-distance move. It will spoil during the move because of time and temperature control; also, it has the potential to create a mess. Just because it cannot be moved, does not mean that it should go to waste. Here are three solutions to prevent food waste before a move.

  • Prepare – 2 weeks before a big move look at what you have and plan meals accordingly.
  • Share – I am sure that friends, families and neighbours would be happy to take anything you cannot eat before you move.
  • Care – Donate food to your local charities.

Kings Transfer Van Lines will be happy to box up any unwanted food and delivery to your local food shelter. (Food banks accept fruits, vegetables, unopened dairy products within the expiration dates, canned goods and other unopened nonperishable items)

Please try to prevent food waste by following one of these tips, and remember we are happy to help if you need it.


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