Let’s face it: moving is a pain.

There’s so much to do, from buying supplies to packing to researching moving companies to organizing your family! That’s why King’s Transfer Van Lines is a top moving company in Montreal and Canada.

With our many years of experience, we will take away the stress and confusion, so you can have peace of mind as you start anew. Whether you’re moving locally or internationally, King’s moving experts have listed everything you need to know about moving with your household items.


Household Items You Shouldn’t Pack 

As Moving Day approaches, there are a few things you’ll want to leave aside to take with you instead of packing them.

If your fridge is going to your new home, make sure you have a cooler and ice to store a few items, such as milk. In the weeks leading up to the move, it’s best to reduce your grocery buying to avoid wasting good food. Prioritize eating the frozen and fresh produce since they’re expiration date comes pretty quickly. If you really don’t want to waste food, you can ask your friends and family if they can take anything off your hands.

Have a pet? They’re just like children, which means that the moving experience will make them nervous and excited. Make it easy for them by having their bed, transportation container, food, water, and a few toys available to them. If you have a friend or family remember whom you trust to look after your pet, ask them if they could keep them until the move is done or once you’re settled. If you’re moving internationally with your pet, be sure to follow all regulations that may be in place.

Moving can also upset plants. You can leave them for the next owner, but if you’ve had them for many years, there are several ways to prepare them for transportation. Before the move, prune and water them. If you can easily carry them, put them in a cardboard box with the lid open, so they can still get light and air.

After everything has been placed in your new home and we’ve parted ways, you may need to use the bathroom. The day before your move is a good time to pack a bag of toiletries, so they’re close at hand once the move is over.


Items You Should Never Put into Storage

King’s Transfer facilitates your move by offering temporary or long-term storage units. While these units are climate-controlled and government-approved, there are certain items that are not permitted to be put into storage—even if it’s only temporary.

Here are some of the restricted items:

  • Food: Anything that can rot is not permitted because the smell can attract insects. Pet food of any kind is also not permitted because it is an organic substance.
  • Taxidermy: Much like food, taxidermy involves organic creatures, so it is not permitted.
  • Candles: These are also not permitted because of the smell that will attract insects.
  • Living Entities: A storage unit is not a suitable place for plants since they need light. It’s also illegal for people to live in the storage units, and leaving a pet there is a form of abuse.
  • Damp items: We recommend that our clients look over all of their items to ensure that they’re dry. If left wet, mildew and mould will grow, attracting insects. Make sure that your sports equipment and sleeping bags are bone dry before storing them.
  • Hazardous materials: We cannot stress enough that a storage unit is not a garage. We do not accept products that are corrosive, flammable, or explosive, whether it’s household cleaning products, lawn products, gasoline, bleach, fireworks, ammunition, or alcohol.
  • Illegal items: It is our policy to allow the police access to your storage unit should they suspect it contains stolen goods, illicit pronography, narcotics, or unregistered weapons.

Speak with our moving professionals, so you know what you can store when moving day comes around.

Our Storage Facilities

To give our clients peace of mind, our storage facilities are regularly maintained and kept secure with burglar and fire alarms. Our other safeguarding measures include round-the-clock electronic monitoring and temperature-controlled units.

Moving from Canada to the USA or from the USA to Canada? Let us help!

Packing & Crating Household Items

King’s Transfer provides several types of moving packages. You can opt to have us do all of your packing or only part of it. You can also choose to do all of the packing yourself.

With over 90 years of experience, we have many tried-and-true packing methods that will safeguard your belongings, however, should you choose to do the packing yourself, we can provide you with packing supplies. Our movers can also construct custom packing boxes and crates for items that don’t quite fit normal containers.

Wrapping and packing your belongings takes time and care. You don’t want anything damaged at your destination, so our professional team has prepared some How to videos for your convenience.


Protecting the Planet

King’s Transfer has several policies in place to promote eco-friendly practices. Our recycling policy has established the use of reusable plastic bins for all commercial moves and office relocations. Additionally, around 90% of returned and removed packing materials are recycled.

Under our non-idling policy, our trained movers reduce our company’s carbon footprint by turning off their vehicle’s engine as much as possible. Since 2008, we have equipped all of our transport fleet vehicles with Diesel Particulate Filter systems.

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