Canada is one of the world’s safest and most prosperous nations, but whether it be for job opportunities, education, love, or adventure (or maybe a warmer climate!), thousands of Canadians leave our borders to forge new lives abroad each year. Not surprisingly, the majority head down south to the USA.

If you’re a Canadian moving to the USA, you’re not alone. More Canucks head that way than to any other country (with the UK and Australia at #2 and #3).

Obviously, international moving comes with a unique set of issues that only professionals should handle. Here are few more interesting facts about immigration to south of the border:

The USA is the predominant long-distance moving destination

For Canadians who want to move abroad, the most likely choice will be our closest neighbour. Some go for job opportunities (many only make short moves; for example, Vancouver to Seattle) while others head even further south to retire on the beach. Here are some striking numbers:

  • The average immigration per year at the beginning of the last decade was nearly 70,000
  • In contrast, only about 6,000 Americans made the opposite leap
  • The next closest nations are the UK, Australia, and Poland (perhaps returning migrants)

Major groups to consider as part of the migratory imbalance are:

  • Retirees moving to warmer climates
  • Students with scholarships to universities
  • Qualified workers in booming industries

The majority of migrants are young

Despite retirees and their families making up a large portion of the migrant pool, if you’re moving to the USA as a Canadian, you are probably in your prime working years (basically, 20-40).

Many workers are heading down south after being offered a job; however, many are just young people deciding they want a taste of adventure. If you’re planning on making the jump, make sure to consult with a professional moving company to make sure all of your paperwork is in order and everything gets to the other side safely!

King’s Transfer: Your Partner for Complex International Moves

An international move has many complex moving parts that need to solidify before you can safely pack your bags and move abroad. From deciding what you are going to take with you to making sure you have the right paperwork to get past immigration control, King’s Transfer can help Canadians of all kinds make the jump to the USA. Young students, couples, or adventure seekers; working professionals relocating for their big promotion; retirees and their families — they all trust King’s Transfer to help them make sense of the move and take the stress away.

If you’re moving from Canada to the USA, you need to make sure that everything is in order. A professional international moving company is the only safe option. With professional drivers moving people from every major metropolitan area in Canada to down south, we can help you get to the other side safely (and return when it’s time!).

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