Canada / USA Shipments

Moving to the USA is considered an international move.  Because we are each other’s closest neighbors, this process happens for us on a daily basis. We have become the experts in moving household goods to the USA and equally as good moving people into Canada.

When moving to continental USA, trucking is the usual mode of transport ( air shipments being the other ).  The shipments can be prepared just like an overseas shipment or an optional blanket wrap service is also available.  The decision on “blanket wrap” service or “international wrap service” depends on factors such as speed of delivery and cost.  Some people prefer the shipment be under the care of a professional van operator from beginning to end for consistency of service while others are very happy to have their goods wrapped and sent via regular truck service.

Moving Canada USA Crossborder
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Moving Companies to the United States

Just like an overseas move, you can choose the service level you wish.  Full packing and unpacking, crating, storage.  You name it and we can supply it.

No matter which method you choose to send or how many services you ask us to perform, King’s Transfer International will assist with getting your goods customs cleared and deliver direct to your door.  We do this every day and there is no one better than King’s Transfer International to move you in or out of the United States.

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