Young_Couple_StandingWith so many movers to choose from, rogue or “scam” movers can easily hide among the legitimate. How do you sift through the movers, the web sites and the emails to avoid the scam?

1. See if the mover belongs to any professional organizations. The Canadian Association of Movers, Members of any international organizations, Members of a national van line ,members with any professional associations or members with the better business Bureau are examples. When a mover belongs to a group like those mentioned above, they usually follow good business practices

2. Ask for copies of a certificate of Insurance which will indicate that they have the required insurance and be licensed to operate. In Ontario, a copy of a CVOR is evidence that your mover is allowed to operate a commercial vehicle.

3. Social Media reports. Web sites like Yelp and HomeStars give a general impression on a company’s performance. Although these sites tend to stress the negative and the reports are not always objective, so be careful how you read these

4. Length of time in business. This test is a standard. If a company has been in business for many years, it is likely they have found the secret to a good company is good service. Rogue / scam movers do not stay in business very long.

5. Ask your friends who they may have used recently. A good report from a trusted friend can very much go a long way to making sure you choose a good mover

6. Ask if the movers have an actual office and facility. Although many good movers don’t have a warehouse, they do have an office that you could come and visit and see their trucks. Scam movers tend not to have a place and operate via cell phones out of their house.

By following these steps above, you will eliminate scam or rogue movers.

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