Properly executing a commercial move requires more than a few muscular bodies and a truck. If managed properly, the move should have little-to-no impact on your daily operations. Done poorly, however, a move can negatively impact your business in every aspect, from employee morale to your bottom line. To ensure that the movers you entrust with your commercial relocation are up to the task, consider asking the following questions:

#1: Is Your Company a Member of the Canadian Association of Movers?

Established in 1969, the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) is the Canadian trade organization that represents moving and storage companies. Members are required to provide evidence of a minimum of two years in business, as well as professional references, and insurance documentation. Members must also be in good standing with consumer agencies, such as the Better Business Bureau.

King’s Transfer Moving & Storage is a well-established moving company with branches in Canada and the United States. Not only are we a member of the CAM, but we’re also a proud member in excellent standing of the American Moving & Storage Association, and the International Association of Movers. We also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

#2: Is Your Estimate Binding?

A binding quote should include all additional services and possible non-optional charges that may arise. Whether there is an additional cost for multiple floors, for mileage, or fuel surcharges, those items should all be clearly spelled out in the estimate.

It’s essential to ask this question because sometimes an office relocation doesn’t take as long as the company estimates. Check the fine print: are you agreeing to pay for a minimum number of hours, even if the move takes less time? Don’t be afraid to ask the company to negotiate or explain before you sign on the dotted line.

#3: What Type of Insurance Do You Provide in Case of Loss or Damage?

Many commercial moving contracts typically include Released Value Protection insurance coverage. In the event of loss or damage, the mover’s insurance will reimburse you for no more than sixty cents per pound per item lost or damaged.

Most professional movers, like King’s Transfer Moving and Storage, will also offer the option of upgrading the insurance coverage to Replacement Value Protection. In fact, this is the type of protection we always recommend to our clients. Replacement Value Protection ensures the moving company is liable to pay the estimated value of your property.

Understanding the insurance coverage available to you is crucial. Don’t hesitate to ask your moving company to send you written information about your insurance coverage, including information about how to make a claim. Don’t rush your decision, but keep in mind that having the right insurance through your own private policy or the Replacement Value Protection plan is highly recommended, especially when it comes to office furniture and electronics.

#4: Are Your Employees Background Checked or Bonded?

In addition to the obvious concern of theft, there are other, less-obvious reasons that you need to know that the people working on your relocation have been thoroughly vetted. A reputable moving company is going to take the appropriate steps to ensure that they know who is working for them.

King’s Transfer Moving and Storage prides itself on its professionalism. All our movers are uniformed, heavily vetted and bonded to give our customers complete peace of mind knowing their office furniture, documents, and electronics are safe.

#5: Who Will Be in Charge of Our Move?

A professional moving company with experience in commercial moves will have one or more project managers. These people are in charge of working with your company to coordinate all aspects of the move from scheduling the date to supervising any packing services to assigning the distribution, unpacking and installation, if requested.

We’re here to help you set up your new office space. Don’t hesitate to ask us about how we can help design your floorplan and set up the company’s future workstations. We specialize in office moving and will will give your relocation the royal treatment!

#6: From Start to Finish, How Long Will Our Move Take?

 This is an especially important question if your relocation isn’t local. Some moving companies automatically plan to combine multiple long distance moves in their trucks. This means that your office could be packed away in a storage facility for thirty days or more. If you are anticipating an immediate delivery, this can be an unpleasant experience. Even if the project manager assures you that you will receive immediate delivery, make sure to read through the fine print in the contract, just to be certain.

#7: Do You Own or Lease Your Storage Facilities?

 In the event that your move is going to require short-term storage before delivery, you need to know if the storage cost is included and who is ultimately in control of the storage facility. If the storage facility is leased, there is the unlikely possibility that your property could be held hostage by a third party in a dispute between the movers and the storage site management.

We are proud to offer our commercial clients our temperature-controlled and monitored storage warehouse facilities.

#8: Do You Have References from Other Commercial Move Clients?

 When the moving company provides their references, give them a call to make sure that they represent similar moves to what yours will be like. If the largest move that they have coordinated was a four-bedroom house, they may not be the best choice for your 500-employee business.

Trust the Experts at King’s Transfer Moving and Storage!

Whether your business is moving to the twentieth floor of the same building or crossing provincial lines, the Montreal movers at King’s Transfer Moving and Storage will give your relocation the royal treatment! Commercial moving is our business, and with professional and bonded storage and warehousing options available, we can guarantee your move will be a success!

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