Let’s call a spade a spade: moving isn’t the most fun you’ll ever have in your entire life. As far as stress levels go, it’s up there with divorce and death. But unlike the last two, you can avoid the grieving process entirely by hiring a professional moving service to take care of the heavy lifting and logistics. Whether this is a move to your very first apartment or the BIG move to your first family home, you might be in for a world of pain if you don’t prepare for what’s coming for you.

You may not think that hiring a professional mover now is worth the cost, but after you read these five reasons to hire the real deal, you may think differently:

#1: Back Pain and Hernias and Pulled Muscles, Oh My!

The only screaming you should be doing this summer is when the ice cream truck drives through your neighbourhood. Trust us, lifting boxes, furniture, and heavy items is taxing on the body, and if you aren’t careful to lift and carry properly every time, you’re opening yourself up to pain and suffering that may last for a long time. If you’re prone to back spasms or sciatica, heavy boxes are your body’s worst enemy. Professional movers can save you from physical misery by taking care of the lifting for you.

At King’s Transfer Moving and Storage, we make sure our employees are prepared for the day ahead of them. To ensure the safety and comfort of our local movers, we give them proper training and equipment to help them lift, carry, maneuver, and set down heavy and bulky items. Our professionals are well-adept at hauling beds, pianos, and refrigerators up flights of stairs and onto trucks.

Imagine being able to sit back and watch as others do the hard work for you…you’ll feel like a king!

#2: When Time Isn’t on Your Side

When does anyone in the history of moving to a new house ever feel like they have enough time to do everything? Whether life gets in the way (as it always does) or we weren’t given that much warning to begin with—a new job or a change in family circumstances tends to surprise us—we don’t have that many days and weeks to pack up our things and ship out.

No matter how much actual time we have from the moment we know we’re moving to the “big” day, we’re always left scrambling to purge, organize, and pack. It’s no wonder that moving is—to be perfectly blunt—the worst. Professional movers may not be able to slow down time (we’re still working on it), but we do believe that many hands make light work.

At King’s Transfer, we offer custom packing and crating services to give you that extra hand where you really need it. Choose how much you want us to pack, and we’ll be there to help you out. We’ll even bring our professional packing supplies.

#3: When You Value Your Valuables More Than Your Life

Madonna said it best: we are living in a material world. You may not consider yourself a materialistic person, but we’re willing to bet that there are a few items in your home that you would protect at all costs. Whether it’s your shot glass collection you started when you were in college, your mint-condition Beatle records, or your grandmother’s antique dishware, these things are irreplaceable, and no amount of insurance can ever bring them back. But just because you cherish these items, it does not make you an expert on packing them.

Depending on the monetary value of your items, we may recommend keeping them with you instead of packing them in the truck. But if your things have more sentimental value, you can be sure that they will be safely packed and stored on the truck with the utmost care—just like everything else. Professional movers protect and stack items in boxes every day. When it comes to securing fragile items, packing is an art form best left to the professionals.

Are you looking for short-term storage? We can help!

#4: Where Have All Your Good Friends Gone?

Believe it or not, sometimes the promise of pizza and beer won’t always convince your friends to give up their weekend to help you move. While this may suggest a weak friendship to begin with (no offence), we can understand and appreciate that moving is nobody’s idea of a fun time. Who knows? Maybe that one buddy with a pick-up truck really is out of town that weekend. Whatever the case, if you find yourself suddenly without the helpful resources you thought you could depend on, you may be left feeling absolutely helpless.

It goes without saying that a residential moving company can solve all these problems. We have the means and the muscles to help you out of this tight situation.

#5: Who Needs Documentation? Oh, me?

Surprise, surprise. Moving to another country is more difficult than it looks. On top of all the changes you’ll be facing—a new city, a new culture, even a new language—you also have to deal with the impending trip across the border. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to the United States or the United Kingdom, you must adhere to the country’s specific regulations if you ever want to see your items cross the border. Unfortunately, this is a major hassle.

Luckily for you, King’s Transfer has the knowledge and experience to help make your international move as smooth as possible. We have helped out customers move all around the globe, and we’d be happy to facilitate and organize any air, land, or sea shipments you require.

King’s Transfer Moving and Storage Is Your Residential Moving Solution

Moving is no cakewalk, but somebody has to do it. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be you! We Montreal movers offer a variety of relocation services for residents in Montreal and Toronto to help make the transition as painless as possible. Request a free quote today!


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