Moving is a big deal. Whether you’re relocating locally, internationally, or overseas, your “checklist” is probably a mile long. It’s no surprise people tend to forget things on moving day. Failing to complete an important task during a move, however, can be costly and time-consuming. As Montreal movers, we can provide useful advice to help you eliminate worry, and experience a smooth transition into your new home.

From the professional moving team at King’s Transfer Van Lines, here are a few things you should remember to do on or before moving day:

Notify Caretakers
Babysitters, pet-sitters, and house cleaners play an important role in the household—some may have even helped you raise your children. As a courtesy, you should notify your caretakers of your move, at least one month ahead of time. If you’re moving overseas, or to a different country, they may not be able to relocate, and have to search for alternative work.

Set up Utilities
Unpacking in a freezing, pitch-black house is no fun for anyone. Prior to your move, ensure you have contacted the hydro and electricity providers in your new area. Generally, this requires at least a few days’ notice. If you work from home, and require WiFi on a daily basis, ensure you set up an installation date ahead of time, as many companies require several weeks’ notice.

Collect all Keys
This may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how many people skip this step. Before hitting the road (or ship, or plane) to your new home, ensure you either have your keys, or that they are easily accessible in your new location. They key word here is all the keys; this includes the garage, backdoor, basement door, shed, garden gate, and any other locations you need access to.

Let People Know
Notifying not just friends and family, but banks, doctors, utility providers, schools, and your place of work of your move is crucial. Some locations, especially your place of work, may require a few weeks’ notice prior to your departure. You can also connect with the post office and have all mail to your previous address redirected to your new home.

Return and Collect all Outstanding Items
Prior to your departure, ensure any library books, gym membership, clothing, or rentals have been returned and settled. Many memberships automatically remove money from your account each month, so it’s crucial to remember to notify them of your move.

Moving is no easy feat. It takes time, organization, and patience. With the help of moving professionals from King’s Transfer Van Lines, we ensure you’ll have the smoothest moving experience possible. For more information about our residential, commercial, or international moving, get in touch with us today!


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