Toronto holds a special place in the hearts of Canadians. The cultural diversity, the vibrant city life, the endless list of things to see, places to go, and people to meet—they all converge to create the ultimate big-city experience.

It’s understandable why so many people from across the provinces want to move to this bustling metropolis. Even with its less-than-stellar housing reputation, people are still moving long-distance to “the Big Smoke” in droves to take advantage of the job market, high standard of living, and ample opportunities to inject some fun and excitement into their lives. Here are three reasons why Canadians are moving to Toronto and why you should, too:

High Livability Score

You may have heard some negative stereotypes about life in the big city: “It’s crowded, busy, and full of pollution”. With Toronto, that’s not the case. Our country’s centre of business is ranked fourth in the entire world in terms of livability score by the Economist Intelligence Unit! Factors in the ranking include safety, infrastructure, healthcare, education, the environment, and stability. Even with the skyscrapers downtown, there are plenty of affordable suburbs full of green space to raise a family.

Lively, safe, and full of excitement, there’s no reason not to pick up and move to our nation’s largest city.

The Canadian Tech Revolution

Did you know that we have our own Silicon Valley north of the border? Toronto’s booming startup scene is home to up to 4,000 new tech businesses. Government support and a healthy pool of venture capitalists are creating buzz around this industry unlike ever before, and with lower competition and milder costs than San Francisco, the sector will continue to attract new businesses as word gets out. This is leading to new job vacancies for tech-savvy workers as well as salespeople, support staff, and managers to round these new companies out. If you’re young and skilled, Toronto is the place to be.

An Unrivaled Cultural Scene

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Queen City is unrivaled. With over 240 separate neighbourhoods each expressing their character distinctly from the CBD, the opportunities for ethnic food, nightlife, performing arts, and local sports are unlike anywhere else. Enclaves from the Entertainment District to the Annex come alive at night, offering vibrant, diverse, and affordable fun that keeps the city’s young population going.

If you’re raising a young family, there are plenty of great options for entertainment, sporting activities, outdoor recreation close to the city, social clubs for parents and family friendly festivals.

People from around Canada and the world continue to move into the largest city in the country for its job opportunities, exciting culture, and standard of living, and these three reasons to move to Toronto are driving the trend. If you’re thinking of moving long distance into this vibrant, action-packed, and safe city, King’s Transfer Van Lines can move you from anywhere in Canada.


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